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   Éric-Dominique Pérez

 (Founder/Executive & Artistic Director)

Founder/executive/artistic director,producer, actor/playwright of Dead Jíbaros Productions. Has been the executive producer of  

El Gringuito (One man show) winner of the 2011 the One Festival, and in 2013 was nominated for best solo show at the 7th annual Premios Arte Awards. Brave Lord one man show was a winner for the Humanitarian categoratory at the 2019 Latin Alternative Theatre Awards. Pérez has appeared in multiple bilingual plays Off-Off Broadway including the 2008 revival of the multi-award winner Requiem por Yarini, which earned him an 2009 ACE award nomination for best supporting Drama Actor and 48 Hours in the Bronx also earned him best supporting Comedy Actor at the 2019 L.A.T.A. awards. 

Perez is also a Spoken Word Poet and a film actor. Éric-Dominique holds a bachelor’s degree in Theatrical Production from Hunter College-CUNY, and a certification in Performing Arts from the Raúl Juliá Training Unit/Puerto Rico Traveling Theatre Conservatory and Arts Administration program at New York University.



                       Jason Negrón 

(Associate Artistic Director/Stage Manager)

Jason Negrón is a native of Brooklyn N.Y., He's the co-founder, manager, and drummer for Brooklyn's own rock band The Lost Dogs which are a tribute to Pearl Jam. Negrón also has toured with various Jazz, and Rock bands through out the last 20 years. His passion has always been to educate, enrich and aquatint free Arts projects within the Latin youth community. Jason is also of Puerto Rican decent. 

Jorge Valentín

     (Public Relations/Adviser)

JorgeValentín is a producer,casting director, 

director, and actor. Valentín has 11 films to

his credits such as; Rocky Must Die, Narx,

Ante', Lyco , Trackers; just to name a few. He's Bilingual in Spanish/English language, and has a remarkable background in management, and consulting in inner city Latino community arts programs

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